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Setup Guidelines for all Printers


The HP ePrint is one of the pocket-friendly feature available in all the HP Printers. The ePrint is available only in the web supporting HP Printers that allows the process of Print, Scan and Fax. The Printing of your documents is made by just sending the Email with the attached document to the Printer's  email address.


When you get rid of cables, you can also connect your Printer to your device by the wireless connection. Wireless connected HP hp.com/123 Printers provides the Portability and the adaptability in HP Printing and scanning  jobs. The Service set Identifier (SSID) and the network password are basic needs for   wireless connection.


HP Printers enables NFC touch which connects your HP Printer to your Mobile phone. HP (NFC) Near Field Communication will communicates with devices and makes Print, scan and fax.   You can click your NFC touch button  for  Printing  after you can download the Printer driver software from 123.hp.com/setup.


You will have the Printer Driver software in the CD that came along with your printer You can put in the CD and begin the installation as per given procedure. However, there are chances that the software in the CD is expired. You can login to 123.hp.com/setup for downloading and installing the updated version of the latest printer driver software. In 123.hp.com/setup or hp.com/123 just click DOWNLOAD to download the full feature Printer driver software.

WIRELESS SETUP FOR HP PRINTER - Touch screen Model Printers

The basic requisites for wireless setup for your HP Printer are SSID and the network password. Switch ON your printer and your computer and confirm that your computer and your Printer are connected to the same network before starting the process.

Note: Do not use the Ethernet cable or USB cable during this printer setup.

Switch ON the Printer power status to avail the usage of Broadband internet access. Download the updated version of the Printer software of HP Printer. Carefully follow the on-screen instructions for installing the software. Click the right arrow key and touch setup menu. In that choose Network and then select Wireless Network Wizard. It shows the list of wireless networks available. Choose your network and type the network password. Then click Done and OK for approving the settings. Select OK to print the wireless statement.You can make your work done by using the Print, scan and Fax options on the Printer's control panel.


On your Printer, hit the Wireless button and Copy Button. Hit the Wireless Button and Information button simultaneously, If your hp.com/123 Printer does not have the Copy button. After this your printer will print a test page automatically. To finish the setup process proceed with the instructions on the test page. If the wireless connection is successful, then your Printer's wireless light will glow.

Printer Issues

Paper jam

This may occur due to various reasons like,
Improper adjustment of your paper guide width along with the papers. Loading of poor conditioned papers. Spilled paper bits and wastes among stack of papers. Misalignment in bundle of loading unused papers. Wrinkled and curled papers in the stack.

Spooler error

The spooler functions to make Printing on the "First Come First Serve" basis by communicating with your HP Printer and your device. The spooler error may be due to various reasons like, Sudden and uncommon changes in the spooler. Miscommunication of spooler with the device or your Printer.

Paper jam error

Your printer displays a error message and stops Printing when the paper jam error occurs. In some cases the LED light on your hp.com/123 HP printer blinks to implicate this paper jam error.This paper jam error may be due to
Improper placement of the paper stack.
Loading excess amount of papers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) I bought a HP printer. How to begin printing with it?

Make ready for Connection

  • Prior to the driver installation, be sure you have a functioning network router and an Ethernet cable.
  • Confirm that your computer is connected to the router if it is not already connected. Use a network router having many Ethernet ports.
  • Note: Don't use the standard telephone cable instead of Ethernet cable.

Step 2: Connect the printer to the network.

  • Connect the HP printer to your router or network using Ethernet cable.
  • Fix the ends of the Ethernet cable to the printer and to the network router respectively. Detach any plug or the protective cover from the Ethernet port on the rear part of the printer.
  • Now Turn ON the printer.
  • 1)Try installing the HP software again, if the printer connects to the network.
    2) Proceed to the next step, if the printer does not connects to the network or the install failed.

Step3:Disable firewall software on the computer temporarily

  • A firewall software helps to protect you from unapproved access or a private network. Few settings or configurations of firewall can stop communication with your network HP printers. Hence, follow the below steps to temporarily disable firewall software on your computer.
  • Tap the Apple menu choose the System Preferences and then Security & Privacy option.
  • On the Security & Privacy window click Firewall and disable the firewall by clicking Firewall: Off.
  • Now start installing the HP software again.
  • 1)The issue is resolved, if the install completes. 2)Proceed to the next step, if the install fails.

2)How do I connect my HP printer to Alexa?

Step1: Get your printer's email address

  • The basic need for printing using Alexa is printer's HP ePrint email address.
  • Find the printer's email address in two ways
    1)Log into ePrintCenter.com and look on the printer's page for the email address.
    2) Touch the ePrint button on the front panel and it will display all of the printers web services information

For HP Printers with touch control panel display

  • Get the printer email address from the control panel

  • 1) Touch or press the HP ePrint button or symbol.
    2)Click the Setup, Settings, Wireless Settings, or Network Setup to find the Web Services menu in the case of Text based menu 1)Web Services is off: Proceed with instructions to activate the feature and search for HP printer updates. Your Printer automatically prints an info page with instructions to get the email address.

If the email address do not get displayed:

    2)Web Services is already enabled:strong> Click Print or Print Info to avail the information page that shows the email address.
    Note: If your Printer does not prints the information page ,then switch OFF the Web Services then ON to make the test page or information page printing (for new printer email address).
  • Tap the Apple menu choose the System Preferences and then Security & Privacy option.
  • On the Security & Privacy window click Firewall and disable the firewall by clicking Firewall: Off
  • Now start installing the HP software again.
  • 1)The issue is resolved, if the install completes. 2)Proceed to the next step, if the install fails.