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HP ePrint DJ 2132 setup

HP DeskJet 2132 uses Drop-on-demand technology where the ink droplets are used only as needed. It can also perform various functions such as print, copy and scan, it also delivers efficient results. Designers made this DeskJet printer compact and as a mobile device, which is also cost efficient compared other printers. It can hold up to 50 sheets in the input tray and return up to 30 sheets in the output tray .You can also download the printer driver from 123.hp.com/dj2132.

HP DeskJet 2132 printer signify you to install and handle black and tri-color cartridge. It is also pocket-friendly. It simply removes the paper jams and ink cartridge replacement process is also effortless. This is because of the easy access to the cartridge access door. HP DeskJet 2132 supports PCL3 GUI language so it can provide various fonts accurate during the scanning and printing process.

Users can easily work with the basic printer functions by using the on-built buttons on the printer’s control panel. Make use of the wireless connectivity to connect the DeskJet printer into the network. You can use the basic features by the USB port of the home use printer.

HP Deskjet 2132 Printer Control Panel:

Press the related button on the printer’s control panel to use the multiple functions of your printer. The control panel is made of six buttons, three LED Indicators and an LCD display. You can easily ePrint, copy and make use of the wireless direct connectivity of the printer’s control panel.

HP ePrint DJ 2132 Printer Driver Installation and ePrint Services-123.hp.com/dj2132

The HP DeskJet printer delivers advanced web-based service where it can easily retrieve the document or picture from the internet for the printing process.

Before starting the web services setup, make sure that your printer is connected to the network by the USB connection. This process requires updated software so you have whether you downloaded and installed the printer software from 123.hp.com/dj2132.

Procedure to Setup Web Services using HP Deskjet 2132 Printer Embedded Web Server:

  1. First, Open the Embedded Web server in your web browser.
  2. Then, Choose web services settings section under the web services tab.
  3. Next, Choose setup and select continue.
  4. Then, stick onto the on screen instructions and accept the terms and conditions and click ok.
  5. It may also prompt to update the printer software. Choose yes to install and to restart the setup.
  6. After connecting the printer and web services, it may prompt you to print the information page to complete the setup process.

Procedure to Setup Web Services using HP Deskjet 2132 Printer Software (Windows OS):

    1. First, download the Printer software from 123.hp.com/dj2132 and open the HP Printer software.
    2. Then, choose Print and scan and select the printer EWS home page.
    3. Next, click the web services tab and choose a Web services settings section.
    4. Lastly, Choose setup and stick on to the on screen instructions to update the web services.

Procedure to Setup Web Services using HP Deskjet 2132 Printer Software(Mac OS X): update web server

    1. First, start the process with HP utility software.
    2. Then, choose file and select print.
    3. Next, make sure that you have selected DeskJet 2132 Printer from the list of printers.
    4. Then, choose Open Printer EWS button.
    5. Next, click on to the Web services tab and choose a web services settings section. For the troubleshooting instructions 123.hp.com/dj2132.
    6. Lastly, select setup and stick on to the on screen instruction to make updating process easy.

HP Deskjet 2132 ePrint Services

Make use of the HP ePrint to print from your computer and mobile devices. Start the process by sending the printer’s email address to the web-enabled printer. You can also either use the email client or sign in to your email account and create a new email address. Mention your printer’s email address in the “To” field and subject in the email subject line.

Users can also easily locate the printer’s email address either by logging in to the eprintercenter.com or by touching the ePrint button on the front panel, where it will display the entire printer’s web service information.

HP ePrint is a free application where you can print documents and photos by sending email to the printer. Enable the web services on your printer to easily access the ePrint. Sign up for the new account in the www.hpconnected.com. Know more about the ePrint services and setup 123.hp.com/dj2132. You can get the details about the ePrint job status and manage the printer queue by the login credentials of the HP..

Pre-requisite for using HP Deskjet 2132 ePrint facility:

  1. You should have a responsive wireless network connection.
  2. Enable the Web services on your printer.

HP Deskjet 2132 Using ePrint to print a document:

  1. To print the Network configuration page at the same time press the wireless and start copy black button simultaneously. You can also easily locate the login credentials for your printer.
  2. Use your computer or mobile device to open your email application.
  3. Then, choose create a new email to compose an email and attach the document that needed to be printed.
  4. Next, mention the email address of the printer in the field and finally click send button.
  5. The printer will now automatically print the document once it receives it from the mail.
  6. If you mention more than one email address in the “To” field, then the HP ePrint Server may fail to start the printing process or won’t accept the printing process.

To turn HP Deskjet 2132 ePrint OFF:

To turn off the ePrint Feature, locate and press the wireless button on the printer’s control panel.

Procedure to disable the Web Services on your HP Deskjet 2132 Printer:

Follow these instructions to disable the printer Embedded Web server.

      1. Open the Printer Embedded Web Server using a Web browser
      2. Then, Click the Web Services tab
      3. Now, Click Remove Web Services
      4. Next, click Yes button to confirm

HP Deskjet 2132 Printer Network Connection

You can connect the HP Deskjet 2132 Printer in 4 different types of Network Connections as given below:

We can easily connect the HP Deskjet 2132 printer in 4 different ways of network connection

      • Use the Wi-Fi Protected setup method.
      • Make use of the wireless connection.
      • Use wireless connection to change the network as USB.
      • Connect Wi-Fi Direct without a router.

Install the printer software from 123.hp.com/dj2132 after establishing the network connection. For additional advance settings, use the printer’s embedded web server of the home page.

Before you begin setting up the HP Deskjet 2132 Printer to the Wireless Network, ensure the following:

      • First, configure the wireless router from the 802.11 b/g/n wireless network and WPS feature.
      • Printer and computer can now be configured into the USB network.
      • Network may also prompt you to enter the wireless network name (SSID) and password while connecting it to the printer. In general, wireless network name is the name of the wireless network.
      • Based on the security level, the password may be either WPA passphrase or a WEP key.

HP ePrint DJ 2132 Printer Wi-Fi Protected Setup

      • To enable the wireless service press and hold the WPS button the printer and router.
      • First, press the wireless and start copy black button at the same time to print the Network configuration page. Then, use the configuration page to get the WPS PIN.
      • Another Wi-Fi Setup is WPS PIN or Wireless Settings Menu method
        1. Press and hold on to the wireless button on the printer for 3 seconds.
        2. To enable the wireless setup, enter the WPS PIN details of the network on your router software.

HP Deskjet 2132 Printer Wireless Setup

Procedure for establishing a HP Deskjet 2132 Printer network connection:

      1. First, choose Utilities from the HP Printer software.
      2. Then, select Printer Setup and software manual installation.
      3. Next, choose connect the printer from the network and click wireless network option.
      4. Then, establish the wireless connectivity using the onscreen instructions.

Procedure for establishing a New HP Deskjet 2132 Printer network connection:

      1. First, select Utilities from the HP Printer Software.
      2. Then, Choose Printer setup and software.
      3. Next,Choose Connect a new printer and stick on to the onscreen instructions to complete the process. Know more about the network connection and its process 123.hp.com/dj2132.

HP Deskjet 2132 Change Network settings:

      • To initiate the wireless service, press and hold on to the wireless button on the printer’s control panel.
      • Open the HP Printer software and select Printer setup & software.
      • To launch the network connection, choose reconfigure wireless network option and stick on to the on-screen instructions.

Change HP Deskjet 2132 Printer USB network to a wireless connection

First, Install the HP Printer software using the CD provided with your printer or download it from the HP official site, and connect the new printer to your devices. To change the network connections also make use of the HP Printer software.

To change from an USB connection to a Wireless Connection for the HP Deskjet 2132 Printer (windows):

      • First, Install and open the HP Printer software.
      • Then, Click the Utilities button and choose printer setup & software settings.
      • Next, Choose connect a New Printer and stick on to the on screen instructions.
      • To convert the USB printer connection to a wireless printer, select the connection type as wireless and choose to continue.
      • Finally, disconnect the USB cable from your printer to complete the process.

HP Deskjet 2132 Printer USB Connection Setup

      1. First, check for the wireless network connection availability. Do not disconnect the USB cable from the printer, wait for the connection establishment.
      2. Then, To enhance the wireless service, press and hold on to the wireless button on the printer’s control panel.