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123.hp.com/amp107 - HP AMP 107 Printer Setup

In this page, you’ll learn how to setup and install software drivers from 123.hp.com/amp107 on your AMP 107 printer for the first time and perform some basic tasks like changing ink and using the Bluetooth speaker. The HP AMP 107 is an inkjet printer equipped with a Bluetooth speaker that lives up to its taglines “Plays Music. Prints Memories.”

 Apart from blasting music and printing documents, it can also help you save money on the printing costs with the HP Instant Ink plan. The compact size, space and printing costs mean that the HP AMP 107 is your ideal printing companion. The AMP 107 printer also supports Web Services that can be enabled if you download and install the software drivers from 123.hp.com/setup 107 .


The specifications for the HP AMP 107 printer are given below.

  • Print speed (B/W): 7.8 ppm
  • Print speed (colour): 5.5 ppm
  • Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi. Ethernet (Not available)
  • Paper Input Tray: 60 sheets
  • Paper Output Tray: 25 sheets
  • Mobile Printing: AirPrint, HP Smart App, Wi-Fi Direct, Wireless Direct.

123 HP AMP 107 Unboxing

First, open the printer cardboard box and remove the setup posters. Then, remove the cover containing the setup guides and the gift card. Next, take out the ink cartridges and power cords present in the side pockets. Now, take out the cardboard packaging on the printer. You can now lay the printer box on a hard surface. Then, slide the 123.hp.com/amp107 printer out of the box and remove the transparent covering. Lastly, remove the transparent cover by making a small tear on the plastic cover and ripping away the rest.

HP AMP 107 Ink Cartridge Installation

The HP AMP 107 uses HP 65 Ink cartridges. You’ll have to switch on your printer before installing the ink cartridges. So, follow the steps below to switch on your printer and install the ink cartridges.

  • First, take the power cord that you kept aside.
  • Then, insert one end of the power cord into the power slot in the rear of the printer.
  • Insert the other end of the power cord into the wall outlet.
  • Now, press the power button to switch on the printer.
  • Next, open the ink cartridge access area.
  • Wait until the ink cartridge slots reach the center.
  • Unwrap the tri-colour cartridge and peel away the transparent film on the copper-colored contacts.
  • Then, insert the cartridge into the slot according to its colour.
  • Similarly, insert the black cartridge into the remaining slot. Make sure the cartridge clicks into place.

In the next step, you’ll learn how to insert a stack of papers into the Paper Tray after which you can download the software drivers from 123.hp.com/amp107

123 HP AMP 107 Loading Unused Paper

The Paper Tray is located at the rear of the printer. You can follow the steps below to insert a stack of papers into the Input Tray. First, lift up the Paper Tray located at the back of the printer. Then, slide out the Paper Output Tray extender. Now, take a stack of plain sheets and align them on a hard surface. Then, slide the paper width guides away from each other and insert the stack into the Paper Tray. Now, adjust the Paper width guides such that they hold the papers in place. In the next step, you can download and install the software drivers from 123.hp.com/amp107 or 123.hp.com/setup 107

123.hp.com/setup 107 - Software Driver Installation

Follow the steps below to download and install the software drivers from 123.hp.com/amp107

  • Switch on your system and connect to a wireless network.
  • Then, open a browser of your choice and go to 123.hp.com/amp107 . Click the download button and wait for the HP Easy Start software to download.
  • Meanwhile, press the Wireless button your HP AMP 107 printer and follow the instructions on the page to finish the Wireless Setup.
  • Once the download has finished, click on the HP Easy Start in the browser download bar to open it.
  • Then, continue with the installation process by following the steps displayed on your screen.
  • Now, the system asks how you’d like to connect your printer to the system.
  • Since we’re going to connect our system wirelessly, select the Wireless option.
  • Then, the system will ask you to insert a USB cable to connect the printer and the system.
  • Insert the USB cable into the printer slot when prompted.
  • If Windows asks permission to make changes to the system, click Yes to grant the required permission.
  • Next, the system prompts you to enter the system password to allow access to the computer.
  • Then, enter the wireless network password and disconnect the USB cable when prompted to do so. If the Wireless light becomes solid, it means that the Wireless connection was successful.
  • Now, disconnect the cable and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the software driver installation.

123 HP AMP 107 Replacing Ink cartridges

123 HP AMP 107 Printer Reset

  • First, turn on the printer and open the ink cartridge access area. Then, wait for the ink cartridge access area to reach the center.
  • When the printer stops making noise, slightly press the ink cartridges in the downward direction and gently pull it out of its slot.
  • Remove both the cartridges from the slot. Now, unwrap the new cartridges. If you’ve subscribed to the HP Instant Ink plan, the ink cartridges that you receive will look different but they’ll fit into the ink cartridge slot anyway.
  • Once you’ve unwrapped the ink cartridges, remove the orange tab on it. Then, insert the new cartridges into their slots according to the colour.

Follow the steps below to reset your 123.hp.com/amp107 printer

  • Switch on your printer and make sure that its completely silent.
  • Then, press and hold down the Power button and Cancel button at the same time.
  • Wait for the printer to fall silent.
  • The printer’s power light will start blinking.
  • When the reset is complete, the blinking power light will now become solid.

You can solve many printer issues simply by performing a reset.

HP AMP 107 ePrint service

Print documents remotely with HP’s ePrint service. All you need is your printer’s e-mail address and an internet connection. This service requires only the installation of software drivers from 123.hp.com/amp107 or 123.hp.com/setup 107

Follow the steps below to setup Web services and the ePrint services.

  • First, press and hold down the power button for about 3 seconds. Then, press the wireless button and the printer information button at the same time.
  • The printer now prints out an information sheet. You can find your 123.hp.com/amp107 printer’s IP address on the information sheet.
  • Then, type the address in your browser address bar.
  • The Printer Configuration page opens. 
  • Click Web Services, Setup and Continue.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and wait for the printer to print out an information page.

123 HP AMP 107 Attending Calls

Press the phone button on the left side of your printer control panel to attend calls. You can long press the phone button to reject the call. Once you’re finished with the call, you can press the phone button again to end the call. In case you want to switch the call back to your phone, simply press and hold down the phone button. If the 123.hp.com/amp107 or 123.hp.com/setup 107 printer has an ongoing print job, you will not be able to take calls.

HP AMP 107 Scanning Process
  • First, open Play Store and download the HP Scan on your Android device.
  • Then, select Scan.  Next, select Camera.
  • Click a picture of the document that you wish to scan using your device’s camera by clicking the button at the bottom.
  • You can also adjust the boundary of the pictures by dragging the corners.
  • Tap the Apply icon to make the necessary changes.
  • If you want to add more pages, you can tap the Add icon.
  • Use the Edit option if you want to make changes changing its brightness, contrast, etc..
  • Save the scanned file in the format that you wish to save.
  • You should download the software drivers from 123.hp.com/amp107 to use the Printer’s Scan function. 

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