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123 HP Envy Printers

HP Envy is All-in-One Printer that makes black and white and colored Printing. This Printer can handle many tasks without falling behind in time.  This Envy Printer makes fast Printing and produces high quality colored outputs. It makes automatic two sided Printing  of  Documents and gives out good results.  To enjoy the  feature of this Printer, login to 123.hp.com/setup  for download  and installation  of the driver software.


The Envy Printers  produces  very less noise  during  quiet mode  operation  which  is available in some of  HP Envy Printers. This HP Printer provides suitable  options for  mobile Printing and mobile setup. Envy  Printers  facilitates  ePrint  from your mobile  device  with the  wireless connection. HP Envy Printer has colored and attractive  touch-screen  to control the Printer functionalities.

Various Models Of Envy Printers

Go to 123.hp.com/setup for the download of the driver software for the various models of  HP Envy Printers.

HP Envy Printers Setup

Tear and open the box . Keep away all other packaged materials like cartridges packet, Installation CD and manual.

  • Take out the 123.hp.com/setup Envy Printer using the  handles on the sides. Dispose all other packaging materials  such as tapes, labels and stickers.
  • Remove the transparent cover above the Printer and on the scanner lid. Then open the input tray and remove the tapes from that tray
  • Next move away the paper width guides from each other and let it. then close the tray.
  • Pull up the top cover of the Envy Printer. Clear the cardboard piece, tapes and orange colored plastic inside the cover. Close the top cover.
  • Now settle the Printer. Next take, connect one end of the power cord to the Printer’s back end and the other end to the power supply.

Now switch ON the Printer. Next by scrolling the arrow on your Printer’s control panel,  select your language and click OK.

  • Next select your region and click OK. Then tap Yes to approve the OK. Now your Printer will display a message that asks you to insert the cartridges. So remove the top cover of  your Printer now to view the Cartridge access area.
  • Next take out the Ink cartridges from the cover.
  • Pull the tape to remove the tape on the cartridge. While doing so ensure that you do not touch the Ink nozzles or copper colored contact as it may result in misplaced electrical connection. This may cause paper jam and  spooler error.
  • Now pull up the lever lock and insert the cartridge based on the color. Then close the lever lock and make sure that the cartridge is fitted correctly.
  • Redo the same process to insert the other cartridge. Then close the top cover of the Printer so that your Printer detect that you have completed the cartridge Installation.
  • Now your HP Printer will show a message “Genuine HP cartridges Installed”. Then press OK button on your Printer’s  control panel.
  • Now your Printer will ask you to load the unused fresh papers.

Loading of fresh papers

Take a stack of papers and align them. Now extend out  the input tray and load the  aligned papers into the tray. Next adjust the paper width guides such that they touch  the edges of  the   Then  push back the input tray. Now your Envy Printer will automatically print the Alignment page. Then scan this  alignment page to complete the alignment  process. Lift up the scanner lid and place this alignment page such that the printed  side  faces downwards. Close the scanner lid and press OK. Now your Printer shows the Alignment successful message , then click OK. Now your printer prompts you to select the options for  setup Wireless. Then choose  Not Now and click OK twice  to complete the setup process. When you complete this process, you can login to 123.hp.com/setup  to download the latest version of Printer Driver software.

HP Envy Printer Driver Software Setup

  • Any HP Printer can perform the Print, scan and fax jobs  only after you install the Printer Driver software.
  •  You can connect  your HP Printer to the  network by wired or wireless connection.
  • You can download and install  the Printer Driver software from the CD that came along with your HP Envy  Printer  package.
  •  There are chances that  CD may get outdated  then  go to hp.com/setup  for the download of  latest version driver software.
  • Make sure that you do not connect your HP Printer to the computer unless you  install the Printer software. Otherwise  your  HP Printer may  start to malfunction later.
  • You can  login to HP homepage  to get the new version of Printer driver software. After you install and run the Driver software in your device, make a try to print the test page.
  • You can login to 123.hp.com Next from your drop down  menu, select your Printer’s model and choose Begin.


Now tap www.hp.com/123 to begin the installation process . Then run the software on your system.

  • Follow the  On-screen instructions to finish  the  driver  installation  and connection layout. Next choose Print from the file menu. Now select Print again after setting up your Preferences.
  • Now load the photo into the photo tray to print photos. Then from device select your photo, make a right click and select Print. Tap print again to approve the printing To scan photos and documents , use the scanner glass.
  • You may scan the documents with the Automatic document feeder(ADF).
  • Keep the document print side facing down on the scanner glass with the guide around. Now keep the document print side up in the feeder tray. Select scan in your Printer’s control panel and follow the On-screen instructions to finish the scanning process.
Wireless network connection of HP Envy Printer

Use your wireless network connected Multifunctional HP Envy Printer to print and scan  your documents. Prior to starting this process make sure that you have SSID  and network password(WPA password). Choose the network name (SSID) and  enter the network password, when your Printer prompts you for availing the wireless connection.

You can make the wireless connection of your  HP Printer, after you make the download and installation of driver software from 123.hp.com/setup .

HP Envy Printer Issues Correction
  • Switch OFF the HP Envy Printer. Then wait for 2 minutes so that the Printer settles.
  • Now switch ON the Power button to turn ON the Printer. Then wait till the noise 
  • Next take a stack of aligned papers. Pull out the paper tray and load these aligned papers.
  • Now adjust the paper width guide with the aligned papers. Then push back the paper tray inside.
  • Next touch the Settings in control panel , then Tools and touch Printer status report.
  • Then if your HP Printer will print the test page automatically then the paper jam problem is solved. Otherwise go to next step.
  • Next pull out the paper tray and remove the papers. Then turn OFF the Printer.
  • Next remove the USB and power cord. This steps switches OFF the Printer if it was not switched OFF earlier.
  • Now open the Printer access area. Next pull out the jammed paper carefully with your hands.
  • Next on your Printer’s back, identify the paper path cover. Clutch the handles and take out the cover.
  • Now clear any piece of paper inside the Printer. Next pull up the Plastic Duplexer flap to clear the paper bits stuck in that area.
  • After you clear all the stuck paper bits, push down the Duplexer flap again.
  • Next clutch the handles on the paper path cover, adjust the tabs on cover into correct slots . This step is done to refit the paper path cover again.
  • When you place it on correct slots, lower it slowly and let off the handles. 
  • Next  check that you have refitted correctly and close the access door.
  • Now connect the power cord to your Printer and switch ON the Printer.
  • Next pull out the paper tray. Then take a set of aligned paper and load them into the paper tray.
  • Now adjust the paper width guide with the loaded papers such that the paper width guide touches the edge of the aligned paper. Then close the tray.
  • Now try to print the alignment page. If your HP Envy Printer prints the alignment page, then the problem is resolved.