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123 HP Officejet Printers

The  HP OfficeJet  is one of the  All-in-one InkJet Printer . It provides all the Office- related features to the users. It provides easy mobile Printing with savings up to 50%  on the original HP Ink. The HP OfficeJet printers enables  High Quality affordable wireless Home Printing for small and  business users. This HP OfficeJet Printer makes rapid Photo Printing with good quality. You can login to 123.hp.com/setup to download the HP OfficeJet  Printer Drivers.


HP OfficeJet Printer  supports all the latest technologies. You can easily connect this Printer by means of Wi-Fi direct or wireless connection. It makes automatic duplex Printing which is performed by Automatic duplexer and automatic document feeder. The automatic document reader makes the fastest  print, scan and fax . It provides HP Instant Ink service. With this feature ,  the Printer order for the Ink  Cartridge  Ink if  the inks gets shorted.  It enables  the Printing by Air Print Setup.

Setting up HP OfficeJet Printer

Open the HP Printer Box and take out the 123.hp.com/setup HP OfficeJet Printer. Dispose all other package materials such as tapes and stickers. Pull out the Ink cartridge access door and extract all the printing materials inside the Printer.

  • Now open the inlet tray door and pull the extend paper tray towards you(outside).
  • Fix one end of the power cord to the power supply outlet and the end of the power cord to the back side of the Printer.
  • After this setup, Switch ON your Printer and touch the Printer’s control panel to set preferred language , date, time and your country. Make your own preferences using the control panel. Select Yes to approve your settings.
  • By opening the input tray, pull out the paper tray to your side.
  • Insert the A4 size paper such that the printing side should be in downward direction. Move that paper until it gets adjusted with paper width guide and to their outermost part by small edge forward.
  • Pull out to open the Ink cartridge access door.
  • Get out the Ink cartridge cautiously and detach the black plastic tape from that cartridge.
  • While removing Black plastic tape, make sure you don’t touch the copper-colored contacts or Ink-nozzles. Because touching copper colored contacts results in ink failures, blocks and problems in electrical connections.
  • Open your Ink cartridge slot . Hold the sides of the ink cartridge and take it out . Then press back the ink cartridge into its position. Now close the ink cartridge.
  • Redo the above procedure to make installation of other ink cartridge.
  • Close the lid now to complete the installation process. After you install the ink cartridge, your Printer automatically print an alignment page.
  • To complete the Ink alignment process, Proceed with on-screen instructions. Now open the scanner lid. Use the custom engrave or custom glass and keep the alignment page print side facing downwards on the scanner lid. Then close the scanner lid.
  • Select OK in the printer’s control panel.

Note: Make sure you don’t connect your Printer to your computer before installing the Printer Driver software.

Various Models Of OfficeJet Printers

Go to 123.hp.com/setup to download the driver software for the various models of  HP OfficeJet Printers.

HP OfficeJet Printer Driver software

HP OfficeJet Printers performs Multi-functional  jobs in user- friendly manner. To enjoy the various functions of this Printer,  you need to install the Printer Driver software. You can use the CD  that comes along with your Printer. Sometimes that  delivered  CD may be outdated. For getting the updated version of Printer Driver software with new features, login to 123.hp.com/setup and download the Printer driver software.  Install the downloaded Driver software and run that on your device. After Installing the Driver software connect your Printer to your computer. Get begin your HP Printer  setup process using  123.hp.com/setup .

Wireless network connection to HP Printer

Use your Multifunctional HP Printer to print documents by getting connected to a wireless network. Before starting this process be sure that you have SSID and network password(WPA password). After HP Printer 123.hp.com/setup  software installation and printer setup, switch ON the printer. Now on  the wireless Printer’s control panel, touch the  arrow symbol key on the right  and touch the setup menu.

The setup menu opens, in that choose Network. Now the Network menu opens, in that choose the Wireless Network Wizard. This option will automatically shows the list of wireless routers available within that specified range. From that carefully choose your network and type your password for your network. Then, click Done and OK for approving  the settings. It will show two options OK and Skip. Finally, to print the wireless statement click OK or Skip. In the Printer’s control panel, choose Print, scan or Fax and click OK to begin your work.

Mac OS HP Printer Setup

You can easily connect your HP Officejet Printer to the Mac Computer. This connection is made by using USB cable or through wireless network. A full featured Printer driver or the HP Easy Start guided installation app is available based on your HP Printer model and your Computer OS. To enjoy the features of  your Printer download the HP Printer Driver and  software  from 123.hp.com/setup

  • You need to install the driver through Apple Software. Be sure that you have a Mac10.6 version or its latest versions before beginning the configuration of the device.
  • When the HP Easy starts the downloads , then proceed with the on-screen instructions for setup and install of your HP Printer.
  • When the HP Easy Starts fails , visit HP Customer support and follow the instructions to install a driver.
  • In the HP Printer’s control panel select a wireless icon and select settings. From the wireless settings, choose the Wireless setup 123.hp.com/setup Wizard.
  • Then select your preferred network and type the Password to add your Printer to the device. When your connection gets approved, make a try to Print test printer network page at once the printer gets connected to the server.
HP OfficeJet ePrint service

HP ePrint is one of the web based service using Emails provided by the HP Printer. The ePrint cloud service known as HP ePrint Center allocates an unique a email address to the ePrint capable Printer. By using this Email address , you can enjoy the ePrint service. Then, you can use the utility tab on your Printer’s control panel to get to know your Printer’s Email address. First connect your Printer to ePrint service to send and share the documents using ePrint service. Then to make Printing using eprint, share the document with your 123.hp.com/setup Printer. Then your Printer receiving the mail after which it starts printing automatically 123.hp.com/setup .

HTTP Web Servers(Embedded Web Servers)

You can start the process by opening the Embedded Web server tab. To facilitate the control panel for device configuration, many of the network devices will have the HTTP servers . In the Embedded Web server tab, select web services settings and select setup to proceed the process. Then, follow the On-screen instructions till the setup process is completed. Your 123.hp.com/setup Printer starts printing an information page at once the printer gets connected to the server.

HP Officejet Printer Fax service

The HP OfficeJet Printer performs duplex Printing using the Automatic document feeder. This Automatic document reader also serves for the purpose of Faxing . Start the Faxing process by placing the Print-side of the paper on the front-right edge of the scanner engraved glass . Else you can load the print-side of the paper up in the automatic document feeder. On the control panel of the Printer, click Fax and select the Send now. Use the keyboard to type the Fax number and Click OK. Make black or colored faxes as you wish by mentioning them . You can also make adding of pauses in the Fax number by pressing * again and again. 

 Once the Automatic document feeder detects the original document loaded by you, it immediately sends the document to the number that you have specified and completes the fax process. When there are quality based issues in the fax that you have sent, then you may alter the resolution and contrast of your fax. Generally HP Printers makes the Printing, scanning and Faxing with a High Resolution and contrast . To enjoy the features of your HP Printer in terms of quality, cost and resolution, login to 123.hp.com/setup and download the HP driver software for your Printer.