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Officejet Pro Printer

123 HP OfficeJet Pro Printers

HP Officejet Pro is All-in -One Printer designed for business and Professional jobs. This Printer can handle many tasks without falling behind in time.  This Officejet Pro Printer makes rapid Printing and produces high quality colored outputs. It has  Duplex Printing mode which enables high quality Printing of Documents and gives out good results. The user can print on both the sides of the Paper using the Duplexer . This Printer provides suitable  options for  mobile Printing and mobile setup.

The HP Officejet Pro Printer uses All-in-One  Printer mobile App to organize the Printing and scanning  jobs. This type of HP Printer can perform the process of  Printing, scanning  and Faxing  of documents in an  affordable price or in  an user-friendly budget. This Officejet Pro Printer supports Automatic two-side printing  and saves resources by consuming only 50% less paper.

123.hp.com/Printer Setup

Various Models Of HP OfficeJet Pro Printers

Go to 123.hp.com/setup  to download the driver software for the various models of  HP OfficeJet Pro Printers

HP OfficeJet Pro Printer setup

  • Unseal open  the Packed box  and take out the HP OfficeJet Pro Printer. Dispose all the other packing items like the tapes and gummed  labels.
  • The Ink Cartridge will have an access door inside which there will be Printing materials. Open that access door and take all the materials from it.
  • Lift open the Input paper loading tray  and   pull the Extend tray towards you.  Clear out  all other packing materials  from  the input tray.
  • Fit  one end of  the Power cord to the Power supply outlet  or the Electric Plug and   fit the other end of the power  cord to the back end of the Printer.
  • Switch ON your Printer and use the control Panel on the Printer to make your Preferences.  Choose your preferred language, date , time and country. Click yes  to Confirm your settings.
  • Now open the input tray door  and pull out the extend tray to your side.  Now insert a stack of A4 size paper  with its print side facing downwards. 
  • Adjust the paper   with paper width guide  and to the outermost position by small edge forward.
  • Take out the ink cartridge by opening the ink cartridge access door that comes along with your printer.
  • Carefully detach the black colored  Plastic tape  from the ink cartridge.
  • Be careful that you do not touch the coppered contacts or the ink nozzles which leads to ink jam, failures and misplacement in electrical connection.
  • Open your ink cartridge door. Fit  the ink cartridge into its position by taking out the ink cartridge holding its side. Now close the ink cartridge. Redo the same process with the other ink cartridge to configure it. Then close the lid.
  • After you install the  ink cartridge, your HP Officejet  Pro Printer will automatically print an Alignment page.
  •  Proceed with the  on-screen instructions to complete the Ink Alignment Process.
  • Raise the scanner lid and keep the alignment page print side facing down on the scanner glass  with the help of guided engraved glass. After closing the scanner lid ,  click OK in the Printer’s control panel.
  • The Printer Driver software is needed for working of the Printer. Download the Printer Driver software using the CD that came with your Printer package.
  • Else you can login to 123.hp.com/setup  to download the Driver software.

HP Printer Driver Software Setup

The  Printer can perform the Print,  scan and fax jobs  only after you install the Printer Driver software . You can get and download the Printer Driver software from the CD that came with your Printer package  or go to 123.hp.com/setup  for the download.Be sure  that you do not connect your printer to  the computer unless you  install the Printer software. Otherwise  your  HP Printer may  start to malfunction later. You can  login to HP homepage  to get the new version of Printer driver software. After you install and run the Driver software in your device , make a try to print the test page.

123 HP OfficeJet Pro Wireless Setup

  • HP OfficeJet Pro Printers can be connected by wireless or wired connection. 
  • The wireless Printing is one of the best feature in the latest  Printers. 
  • Make sure  that your Printer is compatible with your Operating system.
  • Before you start up the OfficeJet Pro Process , check that you have the SSID and Network password.
  • Login  to 123.hp.com/setup,  download the printer Driver software  check whether it  is compatible with your  OS.  Select the network type and click Yes.
  • To transfer the wireless information from the Printer to the  computer use your USB cable.  Once disconnect your USB cable and  relax till you are insisted to connected the USB cable.
  • Switch ON your device and then turn ON the Printer. From the control panel , select the setup button and then Network menu. select your wireless network under the HP Officejet Pro wireless setup 123.hp.com/setup Wizard.
  • The Control Panel of  HP officejet Pro Printer  has colored  LCD display with the well defined buttons and icons and  gives  you easy  workability.
Auto HP OfficeJet Pro Wireless setup
  • You do not want any network name or  Password   in this  setup , because this needs only Wi-Fi connection.
  • You can use Dynamic IP address and 11b/g/n wireless router with  4GHz connections to connect your device to your Printer.
  • Visit the HP official website support.hp.com  or   123.hp.com/setup  to download the HP software driver .
  • Specify your network type as a wireless or wired network connection. Click Yes and select the connection type as wireless.
  • Use the auto wireless connects to make the automatic  HP Officejet Pro printer  setup .
Valuable HP Officejet Pro Printer Features
  • The Automatic Document feeder makes two sided Printing saving the resources in Automatic Duplexing  
  • HP Officejet Pro Printer makes easy mobile Printing with the help of  All-in-One Printer Remote mobile app.
  • It makes Print and scan processes spontaneous using that Remote mobile App.
  • It produces long lasting Printouts by swearing the dyes of Original HP Ink and by withstanding   the water.
  • It performs very good quality printing in the charts and envelopes.
HP Officejet Pro Printer Paper Jam Solution
  • Switch OFF the Printer and open the Ink cartridge access door. Follow the On-screen instructions
  • Pull out the paper slowly  to clear the paper stuck between  the Printer.
  • Now close the ink cartridge door and touch OK on the control panel of the Printer.
  • Proceed with the instructions of  HP Officejet Pro  123.hp.com/setup for continuing the Printing Process.
  • Place only the restricted amount of Paper inside the input tray to avoid paper jams caused by overloading.
  • Remove the stack of Printed paper from the Output tray correctly. 
  • Since the stocked printed papers in the output tray may result in the Paper jams.
  • More than once, verify that the paper placed is in good condition. Since damaged and twisted papers results in the paper jams.
  • Settle the dimension, height and width problems of the paper and check that all the papers have the same size. This prevents the misplacement of  the paper.

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