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123 HP Deskjet Printers

HP Deskjet Printers are best suitable and affordable  for home purpose . DeskJet Printers will be the best choice  for the users who require daily Printing , scanning and Faxing  jobs  in home . These DeskJet Printers  facilitates  ePrint  from your mobile  device  with the  wireless connection. This DeskJet Printers makes faster printing  and gives out good quality printouts.  To enjoy the  feature of this Printer, visit 123.hp.com/setup to download  and install the driver software.This Printer works either using Wi-Fi or USB cable. The HP Instant Ink Plan helps in saving  large quantity of  Ink. The Deskjet Printers  produces the  minimal noise  during  quiet mode  operation  which  is available in almost all the HP DeskJet Printers.


Various Models Of DeskJet Printers

You can login to 123.hp.com/setup  for downloading the driver software  for various models of HP  DeskJet Printers.

HP DeskJet Printers Setup

  • First take out the HP DeskJet Printer from the cardboard box.
  • Keep away all other materials like Installation CD and Guide.
  • Remove all other packaged materials like tapes and stickers on your Printer.
  • Then open the scanner lid and clear all the packaging materials inside  that area.
  • Open the ink cartridge access area and clear all packaged materials inside that area.
  • Pull the Output tray and the main paper tray.
  • Clear out all the packaging materials from the trays. Push back the Output tray to its position.
  • Now remove the knotted power cord.
  • Then connect one end of  the Power cord to the Power  supply and the other end to the Back part of HP Printer.
  • Press the Power button to switch ON your Printer.
  • Then set the preferred language on your control Panel and click continue. Then select your country /region , date and time by selecting Continue Setup.

Insertion of Ink Cartridges

  • Open the Ink Cartridge access Lid. Tear the cover and take out the Ink cartridge from the
  • Carefully pull and remove the orange colored tape. While doing so, ensure that you do not touch the Ink Nozzles or copper colored contacts.
  • Since it results in bad electrical connection , paper jam or  spooler error.
  • Now carefully insert the cartridges based on the color such that the Tri-color cartridge in the left slot and black color cartridge in the right slot.

Load Paper Tray

  • Take a stack of papers and align them .
  • Now pull open the Input Tray and place this aligned papers. Then adjust the Paper width guide such that it touches  the edge of the papers.
  • Close the Input Tray . Now your HP Deskjet Printer will automatically print the alignment page.
  • If your Printer does not print the Alignment page, then choose setup icon on the Printer’s control panel   and choose Printer’s maintenance  www.hp.com/123 .
  • Select Align Printer and follow the Instructions to finish the process.

HP DeskJet Printer Wireless Protected Setup

The HP Deskjet Printer supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup for Printing job. Other than your Printer , basic needs for the WPS setup are WPS button enabled Router and  a WPA password protected Wireless network .This Wireless Protected Setup can made by two methods namely PUSH button method and PIN method. In Push button method, first press the Wireless button on your HP Printer. On your Printer’s control panel, touch Wireless option, then Settings and Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Now choose Push button and then Start. Now click(push) WPS button on your  router which will display a ” Connection Successful” message , then touch OK. In PIN method , before starting the process, you must know the WPS password of your HP Printer. When your Computer prompts you to type the WPS pin  for your HP Printer, enter the WPS password and select Next to continue the Wireless connection. For more details , login to www.hp.com/123.

Mac Support for HP Printer

First  analyze whether your HP Printer supports Mac 10.6 version and its latest versions.

  • Next connect your Printer by wired or wireless network and check that your computer and  Printer are connected to the same network.
  • Now on your  Printer’s control panel, touch  the Wireless icon  and choose Settings.
  • Next select settings, then wireless setup and set your Preferred network.
  • Type the required details and check whether the connection is successful or not.
  • To check whether the connection is successful or not, try to print a network report page.
  • Next connect your HP Printer to Mac computer and then choose System Preferences under the Apple menu.
  • Now from the hardware selection , select Print and Fax . On the left panel of your Printer , select (+) icon for adding a new HP Printer.
  • Select continue to install your new Printer and make a test Print for checking the Alignment.
  • You can download and install the Printer driver software from 123.hp.com/setup for any type of OS in your computer.

Driver Installation for HP Printer

You can make use of  the CD that came along with your Printer package to install the Printer Driver software. But there are chances that the CD may have  outdated version of  Driver software. So you can login to 123.hp.com/setup  to get the updated version of Printer Driver software .

To get electronic help

  • For Windows 8.1 Operating system: On the start screen lower left side , tap the Down arrow.
  • Then select Help and choose your Printer name, start to search www.hp.com/123 .
  • For Windows8 Operating  System: On the app bar, search for all apps and select Printer icon and Help.
  • For Windows7 Operating System : Select start, all programs and then HP .
  •  Next choose your Printer name to avail information.
  • For Windows Vistas or Windows XP Operating System: Select start , all programs and then HP. Next choose your Printer name.
  • For OS X : Select help and tap help centre. In the Help viewer window, select Help for all your apps and select the help for your HP Printer.
Troubleshooting Issues of HP Printer
  • Ensure that you connect  the ends of the  Power cord to the  power supply  and the HP Printer properly. Then power flow must be stable.
  • Next switch ON the power button to begin the Printing process.
  • Next ensure that you have the secured USB connection.
  • You can visit hp.com/go/tools to download the free diagnostic utility tools for clearing the basic Printer problems.
Automatic wireless Connect in HP Deskjet Printer
  • Check that whether your Computer Operating system supports Windows Vistas , Mac OS X since the installation process needs Printer support.
  • Next check that your HP Printer is connected by wireless connection.
  • Then set your computer to the USB to recover network settings www.hp.com/123 information.
  • You can use the network over 2.4GHz for your computer.  When connecting in Auto connect mode, your HP Printer will not use the static IP address.
HP DeskJet Printer Wireless connection

First check that you have downloaded the latest version of Printer driver software from 123.hp.com/setup that supports your Printer and OS. Now turn ON the computer and your Printer. Ensure that your Printer and computer are connected to the same wireless network. Next download the software from the HP site and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation process. It may provoke you to select the connection type.

HP Deskjet Printer Paper Jam Solution
  • First turn OFF the Printer and open the Ink cartridge access door. Proceed with the On-screen instructions.
  • Next slowly and carefully pull out the paper that is stuck between the Printer.
  • Now close the Ink cartridge door and touch OK on your Printer’s control panel. Next follow the instructions of DeskJet Printer to continue the Printing process.
  • Ensure that you load only the limited amount of papers inside the input tray to prevent paper jams caused by overloading.
  • Clear the stack of  Printed papers  from the Output tray correctly as  the stocked printed papers in the output tray may lead to Paper jams.
  • More than once check that the papers to be loaded are in good condition. Since  damaged and twisted papers may lead to paper jams.
  • Check  the dimension , height and width problems of the paper and ensure that all the papers have the same size. This may prevent  the  misalignment of  the papers.