This Document will help you with the HP Envy 4502 Printer Driver Installation. Most of the HP Printers have a full feature driver, if you don’t have a full feature driver you can download built-in printer from the CD.  You can also download the printer driver from the HP Official Website for HP Envy 4502 Printer Driver Installation.

HP Envy 4502 Printer and Computer Connection

Make computer and HP envy 4502 printer connection through USB cable or by Local network where your windows can easily detect the printer device during the HP envy 4502 Printer Driver Installation.

HP Envy 4502 USB connection


First, turn on your Computer; it have an active internet connection. Now, switch on your printer Device. Then, use a USB cable and connect one end of the USB cable to the rear of the HP envy 4502 printer and the other end to the Computer Device. Now, it will display “Found a New Hardware” window. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the HP Envy 4502 Printer Driver Installation.

HP Envy 4502 WiFi Connection

If your printer device has touch or text navigation control panel make use of the Wireless Setup Wizard. You can also connect with the router that supports WiFi Protected Setup.

 1. HP Envy 4502 Wireless Setup Wizard

First, make use of the Guided Wireless Setup wizard in your HP envy 4502 printer’s control panel. Then, choose your Network name, input the password and connect your printer to the network. Now, you  can need these items for the Printer Connection Network Name (SSID), Network Security Password ( WEP or WPA key), a computer that share same wireless network and a wireless capable printer that can be closer to the computer during the HP Envy 4502 Printer Driver Installation.
Now, turn on your HP envy 4502 printer, router and computer device. Then, your Computer and printer can share same wireless network. Also, unplug the USB or Ethernet cables from the printer. Select, choose Network or Wireless menu under the Setup menu. Finally, follow the Wireless Setup Instructions to complete the connection process.


 2. HP Envy 4502 WiFi Protected Setup

You can also use WiFi Protected Setup if your printer has no touch screen or text navigation control panel or when the wireless Setup Wizard method did not work. Now, press and hold the wireless button on the printer’s control panel for 2 seconds. Then, leave the button when the wireless lights start to blink. To push the WPS of the Wireless router within 2 minutes, the printer also instantly establish the network connection. Also, check with WPS Instructions to connect your computer or WiFi device.

 3. HP Envy 4502 Wired Connection

The Network Router and Ethernet Cable should be at functioning condition. Your router, switch or hub should have Ethernet ports. Then, connect your computer to the router, switch or hub. To avoid using Standard Telephone cable connect using Ethernet Cable. Now, Turn on your HP envy 4502 printer device; remove plug or other protective cover from the Ethernet port. Also, connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the printer port and connect the other end to the available port of the network router, switch or hub.

HP Envy 4502 Printer Driver Installation

HP Envy 4502 Wired or wireless connection for Windows 10 and Windows 8


First, choose your HP envy 4502 printer Connection type and install the built-in printer driver using Windows Add a printer wizard. Then, search for devices and choose Devices and Printers from the list of results, Choose Add a Printer then “Choose a device or printer to add to this PC window “will get open. Also, choose your printer device from the list and follow the on screen instructions to complete the HP Envy 4502 Printer Driver Installation. If your printer device is not listed then choose “The printer I want is not listed” and Choose Add a Local printer or network printer with manual settings. Choose next; Select the printer port and windows update. Choose HP, Hewlett-Packard in the manufacturer Pane; select your printer name from the printer pane.

If your HP envy 4502 printer device is in the list, then choose next and follow on-screen instructions to complete the driver installation process. If your printer is not listed, click the back arrow twice and select “Find a Printer by other options” and continue with the next step. Now, choose add a printer using the TCP/IP address or host name and Click next. Input your IP address in the AutoDetect box. Also, get the IP address from the wireless Network Test Report or from the Network Configuration Page or you can find them in the printer’s control panel. Then, wait until your computer gets connected to the HP envy 4502 printer and choose Next to Install the printer Driver.