For the HP Envy 4507 Software download process, Stick on to the following instruction to complete the setup process.

123 HP envy 4507 software download

Step 1: Checking for Compatibility

You can use HP ePrint software from your PC, laptop and tablet that have windows 7 and their later version operating systems of 32-bit and 64-bit. Make HP Envy 4507 software download process easy.

Step 2: Basic printer configure settings and security settings

Follow these instructions to configure the printer and utilize all the HP ePrint software features

First, you can also make use of the cloud printing service by enabling the web services. Then, after enabling the cloud print an information page will get printed automatically. Now, you may need this information to create an HP connected account while printing using the cloud, web-connected printers and other public print locations.

  • Enabling HP wireless Direct and Wi-Fi Direct Printing
    HP wireless direct is of disable by default. You must turn on the wireless direct feature to print from HP wireless Direct-connected printers.
  • Enabling Near Field Communication on your device (laptop or tablet)
    NFC is set to disable by default on some printers. Now, turn on the printer feature, to discover and print NFC-capable printer from the NFC tile of the HP ePrint Software.
  • Configuring the security settings
    It is recommended to configure the HP wireless direct or Wi-Fi Direct printing security settings. The HP wireless Direct name and Wi-Fi Direct name (SSID) is on broadcast by default.  You can also ensure the security of the printer’s privacy by changing the advanced settings of the Embedded Web server’s connection method and set a new password.
    You can also easily retrieve the DIRECT-XX-XXXX or HP-PRINT XXX name and the auto assigned password from the printer’s control panel.

Step 3: Connecting printer to HP connected

Add your printer to HP connected which makes web-capable printer to easily send the print jobs to list of allowed senders via cloud connection. Allocate a unique email address to the printer and enable the allowed senders, send print jobs to the specified printer’s email address.
Visit HP connected. Choose Sign Up if you are signing up for new account. Mention your personal and work email address to register in HP Envy 4507 software download. Finish the process by filing other details and choosing create account.

Choose Add a Device from the devices tile, Get your printer claim code from the information sheet and choose Add. Then, usually the printer claim code might be the first part of the printer’s email address. For example if the is the information sheet list email address then bcd456wco5656 the characters before is said to be printer’s claim code. Choose Gear icon or settings from the drop-down menu. Now, select Printing and choose authorize email address to add users to the “Allow senders List“.

The Allowed senders list feature will automatically check for the printers that has access to use HP ePrint Software by using the connected tile that has list of available printers. If your printer is not on the list of allowed senders you can manually search for the printers just by giving the printer’s assigned email address in the HP ePrint Software search box. You can also easily get the printer’s email address from the web services of the printer’s Embedded Web server.

Step 4: Installing Procedure for HP ePrint Software


You can easily complete the HP ePrint software installation process by following these instructions. It also provides HP Envy 4507 software download and HP ePrint Software.

First, start the process by downloading the HP ePrint Software. Open any one of your web browser and visit HP Official website Then, click Download Software after check compatibility with the operating system. Now, choose download which will automatically save the file in your PC, laptop or tablet. Then, the inbuilt windows firewall security may prompt for the security alert chooses Allow to continue the HP ePrint 4507 software installation process.

After Installing HP ePrint Software, open the .exe file and choose to agree with the license agreement. Then, modify the changes required in the installation process and select install.

Step 5: HP ePrint Software Registration

First, choose Print from the file menu, Select ePrint + JetAdvantage Option. If prompted choose HP ePrint Registration. Then, make use of the HP Envy 4507 software download for easy document transfer. Now, give your personal and work email address and choose Next. Use the Allowed senders list of the HP connected to find the Web-Connected cloud printers.

Then to retrieve the PIN, type your mail address and choose Next. Then, after finishing the process choose OK to close the registration Dialog Box.