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Details received at the time of troubleshooting including your computer brand, Printer model number, information of firewall, life of the computer or Printer,  internet connection type, operating system used in your device etc will not be shown to any third party for any publicity or marketing. That will be kept confidential by hpeprint.co. hpeprint.co is allowed to make certain changes to the website’s privacy policy every now and then as per the convenience of the clients and owners of this website. Collecting personal details is solely based on user advantages and not for selfish objectives. Personal details are collected through cookies. If you do not like cookies to be stored, then these could be blocked. But this may prevent you from getting some portions of our website.

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Leave-Out Option

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Removal of Personal Information

Information of the users will be completely erased upon request by the users, in case they do not wish to use our service any more.